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COVID-19 - UPDATE 18 JUNE 2020


The Government guidelines suggest that we may be able to reopen in July.

We will confirm once we know more.

We are still offering:


**New for July 2020**

Saturday Morning On-line Tai Chi Qigong class, 10-11am, £5, click here 

 Reduced Videos click here

On-line Sessions. with Debbie 

Tai Chi Qigong Lessons, Posture Checks

£15 for 30 minutes, Zoom, Skype, Facebook or Whatsapp video, to book, click here  

Facebook Group

We have a dedicated private Facebook group, which we invite you to join.

Mark and I have delivered several sessions for you to follwo at any time. I am recording short information videos.


We wish you all good health


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On-line Tai Chi Qigong Session

New weekly, on-line, Tai Chi Qigong Session 

Starting Saturday 4th July 2020

10-11am on Zoom, £5

Suitable for everyone, Join in any week

How to join this session

Step 1

You will need to have Zoom downloaded onto your chosen device

Step 2

Any time during the week before the session you wish to attend

use the 'Buy Now' button to make your payment

Step 3

Once your payment has been received you will recieve a link by email

Step 3

On the day of the session, around 9.50/9.55am click the link

Step 4

You will be added to a 'waiting room' in Zoom. Please wait and I will admit you

Step 5

Relax and enjoy the session 


We hope to resume classes and treatments post Covid-19


I am based in Hinckley, Leicestershire, but work alongside my husband, Mark, who works from several locations in Leicestershire and Warwickshire.

Between us we offer a variety of opportunities for you to improve your well-being.

Drop in Tai Chi Qigong Sessions

Desford, Hinckley, Kirby Muxloe and Nuneaton

Private Tai Chi Qigong Sessions

With Debbie at our Hinckley studio

Holistic Health Clinic Sessions

If you feel out of balance.

I am qualified in many therapies, which can ease your discomfort in the short term. However, I do not want to get into a regular massage cycle, where the treatment is used to alleviate the discomfort, like taking an painkiller pill for a headache. I want to work with you, which will usually involve you being given posture and/or lifestyle “homework”, and will demand your wholehearted commitment to improving your own health and well-being.

I offer follow up support through further private holistic clinic or posture appointments, private Tai Chi Qigong or personal instruction Tai Chi Qigong classes


Posture Analysis Sessions

My specilaist area is joint, back, neck, shoulder, knee or similart discomfort and my unique skill is being able to look at your posture and understand why you suffer. I have the knwoledge and experience to be able to show you how to chnage how you walk, stand and sit to ease your symptoms and imrpove your body alignemnt for long term improvement.

 Using mirrors, we start at your feet and explore your unique body alignment. We discuss techniques so you can integrate the new improved body alignement into every day life.

I offer follow up support through further private holistic clinic or posture appointments, private Tai Chi Qigong or personal instruction Tai Chi Qigong classes

Accredited & Endorsed Course to become a Session Leader of Tai Chi Qigong

There is no better way to improve your own health, and also go on and help others, than to learn a set of 18 Tai Chi Qiong movements at Session Leader level. Practice daily for yourself, follow your own transformation and deliver sessions for others to enjoy. This 18 movement set is designed to de-stress and relax, while gently moving every part of the body without stress and strain, offering a calm, meditational experience which can improve general well-being.

Full details about our accredited and endorsed Session Leader course can be found on our dedicated website.




Reasons to come along to

 Tai Chi Qigong Classes

Boost your well-being

Ease your body with gentle movement

Increase flexibility

Improve balance

Improve concentration

Quieten your mind

 Relax and de-stress

Boost your mood

Improve your sleep

Enjoy yourself

Learn something new

Reasons to book a

Holistic Health Clinic Session

Back, neck, hip, knee or joint discomfort

Poor posture or balance

Tiredness and lethargy 

Feeling out of balance

Inability to relax


Let me help you as an individual to focus on what you need to rebuild your well-being

For information about our endorsed and accredited course to become a Qigong Instructor for relaxation and well-being,

Please visit our Shibashi Training Academy website: www.shibashitraining.co.uk

A snapshot of what we do in our Tai Chi Qigong sessions

Take the 30 day challenge

Start on the path to better health and follow these 3 videos, only 6 minutes every day


* Senior Instructor Member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain
* Member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)
* Our Qigong Instructor Training Course is endorsed for the
Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) by PDApproval. 16 CPD points
* Our Qigong Instructor Training Course is accredited by the
Complementary Medical Association (CMA) 
* Our Qigong Instructor Training Course is acredited by the
Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) 30 CPD points
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