About Debbie..........


My first passion was Lee Family Style Tai Chi, which opened my eyes to good health without pills. As my interest grew, a study of alternative therapies, including aromatherapy, massage, dowsing acupressure, energy healing, crystal healing, cupping and moxibustion followed as a natural progression.

I have trained under several Tai Chi & Qigong Teachers all of whom have their own interpretation of whatTai Chi is, and how it should be taught. I feel enriched to have experienced these differing views as this gave me the courage to follow my own path. I have now been a Tai Chi Teacher and Holistic Therapist & Therapy Teacher for several years

We want to share our knowledge with you to help you lead a healthy, active, joyful life


 We want to help YOU get the best out of YOU


The classes, workshops and courses we offer are not about us They are about YOU

We encourage questions and interaction because this is

YOUR journey

Our role is to support YOU along the way


Best Wishes

Debbie & Mark Gannon


Our bodies all move in a different way and we all have different health issues, and different emotional situations that have shaped us into who we are today. I encourage my students to perform Tai Chi to the best of their own individual abilities and within their own physical limitations.

I follow the basic principles of Lee Family Style Tai Chi because I believe that the movements and stances within this style work with the body without imposing stress and strain. This makes it a style particularly suitable for those of us who are older, or who have joints or limbs with limited movement, as well as those taking up Tai Chi at an early age. It is a style suited to everyone! I realise that Tai Chi is a personal journey for everyone because we are all different.

Although T’ai Chi derives from a martial art we teach it as a holistic health art. Our classes have a relaxed, friendly, non-competitive atmosphere which helps make learning and practicing this wonderful art a real pleasure.