Frequently Asked Questions



What should I wear? What should I bring?

Wear loose comfortable clothing.  A t-shirt and a sweatshirt or similar depending on the weather. You can wear trainers to start with or you can do Tai Chi Qigong in your socks. You do not need to bring a mat. You may wish to bring a drink.

For those attending sessions at our Hinckley studio, please bring clean indoor shoes or socks to change into as we have a 'no outside shoes in the studio and clinic' policy.

As many people come along to classes, clinic and events to help with health issues we politely request that you refrain from wearing aftershave or perfume.


Will I have to buy a uniform?

No, you can continue to wear your own comfortable clothing. There is a class t-shirt, organic cotton, £15 available to purchase if you would like one. Please ask us in class.

Do I have to pay upfront for a block of classes?

All of the Tai Chi & Qigong sessions for relaxation are pay as you go. There is no need to book a place and you can just turn up at most sessions. 

Intensive Instruction classes offer a discount if you pay 1 month in advance. All places must be booked.

Private Tai Chi Sessions need to be paid when the session is booked.


Do I have to join a club or pay annual membership fees?

No, we  do not run a club so no fees are required.


Are you fully Insured and Qualified?

Yes, we are insured as  Tai Chi Qigong Teachers and Holistic Therapists. We are also insured to provide instructor certificates to those who wish to become Tai Chi Qigong instructors and also to provide certificates to therapists who wish to learn and practice holistic therapies. 


Do you sell DVD's, books etc?

We have DVD's or MP4 Downloads of the Forms and Qigong exercises for you to buy,  to help with your learning. Please visit the shop or ask us in class.