What are the 'Six Steps' all about?


When we feel well and our lives are in balance we can deal with most of the events that life throws at us. We feel vibrant, happy and in control. We usually sleep well, have a good appetite, have few aches and pains and feel a sense of purpose and self-worth. We can offer tolerance, compassion, time, and energy to others without feeling drained. We can adapt to change more easily and be open to new experiences and possibilities. We feel fulfilled and complete. We radiate warm friendly energy and others will feel happy in our company.


When we are unwell or our work and life are not in balance we can easily become exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. We feel heavy and any ailments we already have may feel worse. We become more susceptible to coughs and colds. We feel irritable and less patient with family and friends. We eat comfort food, which makes us feel worse, feel too tired for exercise and often have poor sleep. We feel ridged and inflexible. New experiences become too much of a challenge and we may feel anxious and unsettled. We often over think everything. We lack direction and have little self worth.


When we are feeling low it is hard to find the energy to make the necessary changes to help ourselves feel better. It is much easier to go to the doctor and obtain a prescription to make it all go away. This may be the answer for a virus but what if it your diet, lack of exercise, job, relationships, emotions or past experiences that are making you unhappy or unwell. There is no pill available for those.



In the West we wait until we are ill and then go to a doctor and ask them to make us feel better. We hand over the responsibility for our health to others and happy to blame them when the pills don't work. I am often surprised when people tell me that their blood pressure is good because they take their tablets but have not amended their lifestyle, which means that they are behaving in a way to increase their blood pressure then taking a pill to lower it again. It is only a matter of time before the side effects of the pills creates a differnt condition or the blood pressure rises again requiring stronger pills. Surely the answer is to change something to lower the blood pressure and if a pill has to be taken it should be in the interim period until the life adjustments take effect. I could write pages and pages of similar modern day health issues that people think are quite normal. I find this very alarming and very scary. We need to take responsibility for our own health and leave the health professionals to do what they do best, which is dealing with burns, accidents and genetic or unavoidable conditions.


The Six Simple Steps aims to help you to get well and stay well


For those of you who are already feeling well, following the six steps will help to keep you this way. What if you are unwell or out of balance at the moment? As soon as you feel unwell or out of balance you should adopt the first 5 of the Six Simple Steps. Implement each step fully and with determination, knowing that it is your path to well-being. As you begin to get stronger physically and emotionally you will find it easier to deal with Step 6, you may even find that small issues have almost vanished so you only have the bigger issues to sort out. Of course, before embarking on any holistic program it is always best to be checked out by your doctor or health practitioner, to rule out any serious conditions. However, following the Six Simple Steps will help you get back on your feet. There is no way of knowing how long it will take. Problems you have had for a long time will not vanish overnight but you will begin to overcome them. Be patient and do not give up.The help and support that you receive from family, friends, your doctor or your therapist can help you to become a happier healthier you but ..........





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