5 to 30 Minutes of Fresh Air Every Day


As well as good food we need good oxygen to allow our bodies to work. We need to breathe to stay alive; therefore good quality air is very important!


If you spend time in an office, a factory or indoors at home the quality of the air you breathe will deteriorate as you use up the oxygen available. After a while you will begin to feel tired, lethargic and unable to concentrate. You may become angry, frustrated or melancholic. Open the doors and windows as often as you can. It is not always practical, convenient or possible to change your daily environment but you can recharge yourself by taking breaks outside, or breathing beside an open window.


Walking in the fresh air is best. Walking gets your body moving and helps to clear your mind. Choose a speed that is right for you on the day. Some days you will enjoy striding out in the fresh air but other days you will want to gently stroll and meander on your way, taking your time and taking in the scenery around you. You may not have a lot of spare time so I have suggested 5-30 minutes a day, which most people can find.


Try simple ways to add this into your daily routine rather than making it an extra chore. For example, park your car a little further away from the office so you have to walk. This will invigorate you for the start of your day. The extra benefit of this is that you have to walk a little further after work too, which will help you relax and clear away some of the stresses of the day, as well as filling you with oxygen. There are many other small ways like this to incorporate this step into your daily life. You will soon look forward to your short walk and I know some people who have confessed to walking the long way to the car on some days as they enjoyed the benefits so much!


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