Gentle meditative movements, based on Shibashi Qigong Set 1, to help you to relax, reduce stress and improve well-being. Sometimes known as standing Tai Chi. Each movement is repeated several times so it is easy to follow. If you cant stand then you can sit down and follow the arm movements. Suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities. Practice daily to discover the benefits for yourself.

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Ideally these movements should be carried out on a daily basis, either on their own, or as a prelude to the other Qigong sets or Forms.
These exercise help
improve flexibility and promote a feeling of well-being. The movements can be done standing or seated.

£5 to access the YouTube video link to watch as often as you wish
The Six Steps Qigong Set is specifically designed to improve well-being as well as taking the body through a gentle detoxification process. The 6 movements work and support each organ, in Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, to help to improve efficiency. Lungs may breath deeper, the digestive system may function more efficiently. Other areas such as the reproductive system, may become more balanced through all stages of the life cycle. Skin may begin to glow and the eyes sparkle.

Having only 6 movements, it is easy to remember and can be completed when time is limited.

The six movements can be practiced and enjoyed individually. 


£5 to access the YouTube video link to watch as often as you wish

Adapted Lee Family Style Movements 1 to 50
A Form can be described as a slow, moving, graceful dance. However the movements are also considered to offer many health benefits. The slow pace offers a chance to pause, to be mindful and enjoy moving meditation, which is a good place to start for those who find quiet and stillness challenging.
This version is slightly adapted to make this lovely flowing form accessible to more people, suitable for most ages and abilities.
For example, a movement which requires a 'kick' in the traditional Form will be seen as the foot remaining on the floor in this adapted Form, meaning that practitioners of both version can enjoy a session side by side.

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Lee Family Style Movements 1 to 140
This video demonstrates a version of the Lee Family Style Tai Chi Form. It should not be regarded as a step by step instruction but as a reminder, in general terms, of this Form. The Lee Family Style Form is one of many styles of Tai Chi, all of which have common roots but differ in many ways

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Tai Chi Fan Form 

This video demonstrates a version of a Tai Chi Fan form based on Lee Family Style Tai Chi principles. Traditional Fan Forms can be physically challenging which can exclude many from the pleasure and fun that they bring. This version of a Fan Form is INCLUSIVE and can be enjoyed by many. We have successfully delivered it to those who need to remain seated and just use their arms. Our golden guideline is that you cant get it wrong and as long as what you are doing doesnt hurt, and you are enjoying it,then you are doing it right.